QC Global – The Story of Their Fraud

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QC Global – The Story of Their Fraud

Story of a fraud by QC Global (Quest Consulting) performed by Sayyed Mohammad Hossaini during a web design project with neoMarket.

It was like 3 months ago, that my partner came up with good news of finding a new customer for web design. I was very happy and had a look at their business and their website.
Their name was “QC Global” (short for Quest Consulting Global Company). Their website was qcglobal[dot]de. And as it appeared, they provided business plan for other firms and companies.
So far, it seemed legit and I started negotiating with their manager, named “Sayyed Mohammad Hossaini“. He and my partner came to an agreement on the fees and the way they wanted their new website to be, etc. The same route that we go whenever we get a new client. Nothing suspicious!

First Deposit by QC Global

I typically asked for the initial money or the first deposit to start the work. They refused to give us so!! They said, you do the initial design, you’ll get 30% of the agreed money, and we provide you with our edits, then you’ll get another 30%, and when the site is finalized, you’ll be paid by the rest of the agreed money. I honestly didn’t like the idea. And told to my partner (Siavash) to get at least some money to start the work.
We were very tight on budget. Well, after giving it a thought, I said, hmm.. they will play ball with us, they are a fine business (exactly where I was wrong!) and they will pay for our services. So, we started the work. It took like 15 or 20 days so that I prepared the first draft.

The First Draft of QC Global’s Website

I luckily kept a copy of the initial design. Here you can have a look at it:
As you can see, it’s a fine design! This is actually the edited version of the first draft.
My first draft had phone/address information at the top-right corner, but their manager (Mr. Hosseini) asked me to remove it and replace it with Quest logo, which is what I did.

Edits Suggested by QC Global

From that day, they started sending us their desired edits to this initial design. I told my partner that Hey, so what about what we agreed on about payment in parts? He talked to them several times, and they only gave him more and more of their so-called edits.
I personally have no object to any kind of edits that the clients ask. He asked us to remove the address and replace it with QC Global’s logo.
They also asked us to add search bar inside the navigation menu!! As you see in the picture, it is implemented, although it was a crazy thing to do! Who adds search bar inside the navigation menu?! They usually put a magnifying glass icon, and when you hover your mouse, it opens the search form.
Anyways, I did one by one of the edits that they asked me to do, very quickly. It usually took no more than a day to apply the edits they had in mind.

Mr. Mohammad Hossaini Flies Away!

We tried to be very quick, but their boss, Mr. Mohammad Hossaini, had a flight to another country. After he went away, he replied his emails, and his secretary (Miss Hengameh Rokhcheka) was the mediator between him and us. Well, since we work online and provide our services online, the connection and the media in which we connect to our customers matters to us very much. We rely on the instructions they give us in their emails. But emails can never be very clear. That’s why we prefer to have face-to-face meetings or if that’s not possible, online meetings with the other party.
My partner, Siavash, had real meetings with their manager and their clerk several times. But their manager usually tried to keep away.
email_qc_global_fraud1 email_qc_global_fraud
As you can see, the website was live on a temporary address: qc.neomarket.ir. And actually, it’s still there if you want to have a look at the final edits that they asked us to apply.

TNS Global Was Their Dream Website!

They had a competitor (or what they assumed it to be) and asked us to make the site similar to it. I tried to wake them that Hey! You’re not even in the size of TNS Global! You shouldn’t compare yourselves to them. And design-wise, it has no similarity to your website! The colors, layout, style and everything else about TNS Global is different from what you asked me to do for your website!

Editing the Website for Two Months!

Well, if you think that was the end of the story, you’re wrong. They were hard to please, believe me! First they said, the colors are not what we want. You have used pure blue. We want turquoise. We changed all the colors from blue to turquoise, then they said, nah, please revert it back to blue! Here is the list of edits I have done for them:
  1. Remove address and information and use Quest logo instead. DONE
  2. Add search box to the navigation menu. DONE
  3. Change Why QC Global to Why Quest Global. DONE
  4. Remove the Black Background. DONE
  5. Color: revert “turquoise” to “pure blue”. DONE
  6. Logo: change the color of QUEST Logo. DONE
  7. Header: Remove the “web” under the map. DONE
  8. Use specific images in the homepage. DONE
  9. Use bolder fonts for titles. DONE
  10. Use a sentence instead of lorem ipsum. DONE
  11. Interactive map: Change highlighted countries color to yellow. DONE
  12. Non-interactive map: use QC logo inside countries. DONE
  13. Remove “Remote Viewing System”. DONE
  14. Remove flags in contact us and add “head office”. DONE
  15. Use email: info[at]qcglobal[dot]de. DONE
  16. Change Red Path under human icon to Green in the slider. DONE
  17. Change homepage Slide 2,3,4 according to the instructions. DONE
You see? They kept us busy for TWO MONTHS!!!

Meeting with the Clerk

Their clerk was only a mediator, like I said, and she always delivered the messages that their manager (Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini) gave to her. She had an online meeting with me via skype two months after the project had started. She had provided me with a couple of pictures and layout-instructions like this:
QC Global Web Design Fraud
This picture is supposed to be a hint of what their manager has in mind, two months after they have edited the initial design. Well, like she instructed me on how to use this picture, I put the images in the website and updated the slider like it says so. And after 1 day, I sent an email to her that the edits are done.
She called my partner that she feels sick in that day, and will check them later.
Time passes by and no answer. I send them a long email that the edits are done. What are you waiting for? Here’s the email:
Neo Market email to QC Global Mohammad Hosseini

And Guess What Happens Next!

They reply like: Your one week is over, and we can’t give you more time. Sorry! Bye!
And I was like: What?? Is this a kind of joke??
Do you think what I think?
I guess so! Yes, they are cheating on us!
They are trying to waste two months of our energy, time and expertise.
They are liars.
They are cheaters.
And she tells my partner over the phone that the boss (Mohammad Hossaini) says that he can find a guy over there, to do a web design for them with a lower amount of money!!
Believe me, our price was VERY affordable. It was less than $370!
I sent an email to my partner that if they don’t want to pay for our services, I will post their FRAUD STORY over the net and I will sue them if I can.
No reply from them. It means they don’t even care about consequences of cheating an honest web designer!

You Could be Their Next Victim

A company that is named Quest Consulting Global (QC Global) which is providing business plans, and business growth for other companies, turns out to be fraudulent. If you are going to sign up with them in future, please have this story in mind that you could be their next victim. Sayyed Mohammad Hossaini is a deceptive, untrusty, dishonorable man who doesn’t care about your business. They ruined two months of our time and energy without even caring! They would do the same to you if it happens so! Beware!
QC Global – The Story of Their Fraud
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