If you ever visit Dubai, you’ll enjoy the convenience that the VISA CARD companies offer for the payment purposes. One of the companies that offer Credit Cards, is Travel EZ Card company.

They have Chargeable VISA Cards which you can purchase and enjoy spending. The only thing you need is to show your passport as well as your tourist Visa of the United Arab Emirates. Then they register the VISA card under your name and the card will be all yours to use.

travel ez visa card ویزا کارت تراول ایزی

Nevertheless, despite the cool appearance of these cards, the company is too irresponsible for your money! If you check their support’s voice mail, it’s full of people calling them several times for their money lost!

Many of the users come from Iran. As you know, VISA Card refuses to serve Iranians because of the so-called sanctions against the government, so, Iranian travelers to Dubai find it a good and legal opportunity to have a valid credit card.

However, this may result in their immediate regret.

As the author of this article, I have personally lost $300 to this company. The problem I faced is that the expiry date carved on the TravelEZ VISA Card is not the actual expiry date! It’s hard to believe! I asked one of my friends to transfer $300 to my Travel EZ Card which is rechargeable, and they did so. But after 20 days, I checked my user panel and realized the balance was 0.

I checked the transactions log, and it stated only one word: Breakage

Breakage for a credit card! Can you believe it? If you google the word breakage, it states that only “Gift Cards” have an expiry date and if you don’t spend the remaining dollars, they will be lost.

But, this card was a credit card (as Travel EZ Card claims), and you can charge them several times (with a limit). Gift cards are not like this.. you be the judge.

Well, the done was done. I made contact with their support, and realized that many people lose their money different ways. Only one of the tricks is Breakages. Some people charged their VISA cards but the amount in the balance was not the amount they transferred to their CC account.

The support told me that they are sorry that this happened! They though said that they cannot give me back the money I own! They said.. for 3 months, you can come to Dubai again and purchase another Travel EZ Card and then we would transfer the money to your new card.

It was like a joke! Traveling to Dubai, UAE, costs thousands of dollars. So, literally, yes! They stole my money and it could happen to you as well.

Watch out! TravelEZ Card Steals Your Money
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